About Us

Everyone is looking for happiness, our OWN happiness. Finding a way to become happier, to have a more balanced and calm life. The good news is that it is possible! All you have to do is look inside yourself and fill your daily life with small details that make you happier. You’ll see that it’s simple, but it takes goodwill to change your life. Imagine becoming a better version of yourself. It will be your choice. 

Open your mind

For a second, imagine that you already have everything you dream of. The big house, the lush garden, the abundant money, the lovely family… Absolutely everything you want in life. Of course, you don’t have to work anymore. And so you find yourself on the couch one day, two days, three. With nothing to do.

The question I want to ask you is: “What will motivate you to get up? What will motivate you to do something?”. The answer to this question will guide you to the main activity you would like to do in your life. Your soul will choose it. Not society, not obligations, you will have chosen it, you and you alone.

To feel this effect, all you have to do is listen to yourself, understand yourself, get to know yourself, and ask yourself the right questions. Little by little you will appreciate the effects.

What if we started to create happiness?

For this precise purpose, welcome to WellAndHappy. This blog is a project dedicated to the search for happiness and well-being.

Here we will discuss personal development issues: how to learn to expand, to love yourself, and most importantly – to be happy! I really hope that this topic will find its place in your hearts and help you build a better and happier life.

Articles, links to useful documents, and lots of practical information – it’s all here for you on WellAndHappy. Your journey to discover the treasure inside you starts here! In the hope that the world can have one more happy person.



Katrina Poulchet